An estimated 2.6 billion people lack access to satisfactory sanitation globally. If the current trend continues, by 2015 there will be 2.7 billion people without access to basic sanitation. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, regions with the lowest coverage of “improved” sanitation in 2006 were sub-Saharan Africa (31%), Southern Asia (33%) and Eastern Asia (65%).
Collective Power of One International (CPOI) is making its mark on the lives of disadvantaged poverty-stricken children and families in Andhra Pradesh, India. Our supreme goal is to increase access to basic sanitation, avoid widespread infection, and save people’s lives. Without CPOI’s help and intervention, the overall future lives of village children and families become rather gloomy and rainy-day gray.
According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fast Facts on Global Water Sanitation and Hygiene:

  • Water, sanitation and hygiene have the potential to prevent at least 9.1% of the worldwide disease problem—6.3% of all deaths.
  • An estimated 801,000 children younger than 5 years old perish from diarrhea each year, mostly in developing countries. This amounts to 11% of the 7.6 million deaths of children under the age of five. About 2,200 children are dying every day because of diarrheal diseases.
  • Water and sanitation interventions are cost-effective across all world regions. These interventions produce economic benefits ranging from US $5 to US $46 per US $1 invested.
  • Improved water sources reduce diarrhea morbidity by 21%. Improved sanitation lessens diarrhea morbidity by 37.5%.
  • The simple act of washing hands at critical times can reduce the number of diarrhea cases by as much as 35%.
  • Improvement of drinking-water quality, such as point-of-use disinfection, would lead to a 45% decline of diarrhea episodes.

CPOI collaborates with other organizations to shine the light on the lives of children and families in one of Andhra Pradesh villages. As an effective and practical breakthrough to deliver environmentally sound sanitation, we wish to install 150 toilets. The cost of installing 150 toilets is about 34,000 dollars.
You as an individual or an organization can partner with CPOI to help sponsor this cause. Your contribution will bring life and health to thousands of disadvantaged poverty-stricken people in India. CPOI donations are tax deductible—Act Now.