India has the largest number of estimated orphaned children in the world—31 million. Orphans and abandoned children are in desperate need of care. While some parents are unable to care for their youngsters, others are pressured by government regulations to abandon them. Many abandoned children become undernourished and will not receive an education. Without CPOI’s help, parentless children will grow up feeling hopelessness and unloved, with low self-esteem, and no sense of belonging.

Babies sent to orphanages at a young age are in danger of gaining developmental problems. To develop normally, young children need regular communication with other children and caring adults. Older abandoned children have no place to turn; they live desperate lives on the streets. With all hope gone and no one around to provide protection, shelter, or care, adolescents wander the streets and scavenge for food. They beg or steal food and find shelter wherever they can. Police often view street orphans as a menace to the community rather than minors that need their protection.
Children left behind in developing nations often have no one to protect or campaign for them. Abused mentally, physically and sexually, these children have little hope of recourse. Many street orphans grow-up to lives in prostitution or imprisonment. Forced into child labor at an early age, uncountable orphans and street children risk their health and lives doing deeds that are not suitable for them.
CPOI’s vision is to build and restore orphanages that offer exceptional services and provide children with a stellar education.
As a donor or sponsor, you will have the opportunity to visit and spend time at the orphanage, play and teach street children, and gain an experience you’ll never forget. Each time you make a financial contribution to support this cause; your world will be different because you were important in the life of a child. An individual or organization can partner with CPOI to sponsor an orphanage to help give children new hope and a brighter future. CPOI donations are tax deductible—Act Now.