Nations are greying as the senior population is growing much faster than the overall population. Of the nearly 580 million elderly people (60 years and more) in the world today, around 355 million live in developing countries. By 2020, India will become one of ten countries with the largest elderly populations in the world—142 million people. We simply do not have enough caregivers or service providers to meet elderly people’s needs.
CPOI is compassionate about embracing and lifting senior citizens and dependent adults in South India. Our wish is to relieve suffering of the elderly, homeless, destitute; those unloved and left out, with no one to care for them. We seek to take poor deprived older adults from different communities to provide them with shelter, nutrition and medical help.
CPOI’s vision is to provide loving facilities where elderly people can come to live learn and grow in comfortable, caring homes. We want to make available the best choice of living for senior citizens. Our goal is to create an active, vibrant senior living community experience. Our team of professional staff offers:

  • Compassionate, respectful skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and dementia care.
  • Rehabilitation and sub-acute care is available for those who need short-term rehabilitation after a recent surgery or chronic illness.
  • Our “person-centered” skilled nursing service is available for those who long-term care.Professional staff keeps clients involved in every facet of care.
  • Staff members coordinate with other health care practitioners to help provide comfort during the critical time of life for those who are experiencing end-of- life circumstances.
  • CPOI volunteers regularly interact and oversee clients’ well-being and progress.
  • An individual or organization can partner with CPOI to sponsor senior citizens or dependent adults.
  • Donors and sponsors have opportunities to visit and interact with elderly adults in person, by emails and letters, or by other means of communication.

The annual cost to support an elderly adult is about $ 500.00 for basic services. Added costs could incur based on the individual need. Each time you make a financial contribution to support this cause; aging people enjoy a healthier and safer life. Your gift of love adds joy and hope to some of the world’s oldest citizens. CPOI donations are tax deductible—act now.