Did you know an estimated one billion children lack access to education, basic healthcare, satisfactory nutrition, clean water, and proper sanitation?
Education in India is an essential key needed for children’s social and economic transformation. If educators prepare youngsters with both knowledge and skills, they could drive India’s business economy to the next level. An educated and skilled population not only drives national and economic development, but also ensures personal growth.
Collective Power of One International (CPOI) education program takes poverty-stricken children from different communities and give them a well-grounded education. We seek to erase social problems such as child labor, human trafficking, malnutrition, and poverty.
Our crowning aim is to offer a safe, caring and nurturing environment that all children can learn, achieve educational excellence, and become responsible confident global citizens.
CPOI places each child in a reputed private school. Our professional staff plans and works alongside local community members to find solutions that will change the future for their children, and their children’s children. We partner with a successful residential school in Hyderabad, India. St Paul’s School provides access to lifesaving basic needs, such as clean water, nutritious food, health care, and education. Caring CPOI volunteers regularly interact with children and oversee their progress. We believe children are the world’s most valuable source and its best hope for the future.

St. Paul’s school’s mission is:

  • To provide world class education in its quality, international in its scope and aims at developing the students’ whole personality.
  • To continually empower teachers and administrators in all aspects and strategies of teaching, mentoring and administrating to become the best in their field; and
  • To involve the parents in the education of their children by establishing a cordial and working relationship with them.

St. Paul’s English Medium School was started in the year 1964 in Hanamkonda, Warangal district, which is 140 kms from Hyderabad. The students here claim more than 50% of the merit Scholarships offered to top 100 students in the District. The school has produced many professionals and administrators not only in India but throughout the globe.

In the year 1996, another school was started in the suburbs of the city of Secunderabad at Bolarum which has 10 acres of land. This school has the privilege of being a landmark not only in the field of education but also in sports – cricket in particular.

Next a Residential School at Shamirpet was commenced in the year 2004, under the management of St.Pauls Christian Educational, Social Welfare and Housing Development Trust, and desire to make it a role model school of the twenty-first century. In the past 8 years, this school has molded many number of students to successful individuals who were thought misfits by the schools and written off as good- for-nothing by their parents. They are all now pursuing their professional courses, and a few of them have completed and are in enviable positions, making the school proud. That’s why the slogan of the school goes “YOU BRING A ZERO, WE WILL MAKE A HERO”. Parents come to the school with tears of pain and go back with tears of joy as the student completes his studies in flying colors.

Here are some of the pictures from St. Paul’s Residential School at Shamirpet.
How can you help children achieve academic excellence?
You as an individual or an organization can partner with CPOI in sponsoring a child or several children. Sponsorships include a welcome kit, photos, details, and annual progress reports about the sponsored child. As a sponsor, you will have opportunities to visit, interact, and build a connection with your child face-to-face or through emails and letters that transforms both your lives.
The annual cost of educating a child is about $1800 a year. This cost includes tuition, boarding and lodging, uniforms, books, shoes, beds, laundry and extracurricular activities. Other accomplishments include horseback riding, karate, swimming and other sports. Your gift can change the lives of many children who often give up possibilities of gaining an education. You can add a smile to a child’s life and make a lasting difference. CPOI donations are tax deductible – Act now.